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The company Hauler Ltd. was founded in early 2008. The reason for its creation was to maintain continuity of production of etching parts in Brno after the scheduled completion of the production company Extratech Ltd.

Taking over this production ensure that the main customers of the company Extratech are allowed to continue and develop  their business without necessity to change any existing technology of production.

Another important change for customers is a significant reduction in prices compared to the original production of Extratech and the introduction of new formats, sheet metal thickness and types of materials. Tendency of the company Hauler Ltd. is also a significant reduction in time between ordering and delivery to the customer.


01/04/2008 00:00
  new format "A4" was added to our production. ( price for 1cm2 is 60% lower, than Extratech original price was)
01/03/2008 21:09
  prices bring down by 35%
01/01/2008 21:08
  HAULER Ltd. was established.
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Hauler s.r.o. Zabrdovicka 25/2
615 00, BRNO
Czech republic
fax +420 548 221 072
mobile +420 602 765 793